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I’m a multi-talented twenty-two years old artist from Mexico, raised in Colorado! Everything I do is art, from the way I make music, to the way I dress, the way I do my makeup, my hair is art, my words are art. I think life is so beautiful, and I think living it with intention is so important. I’ve been a creative since I was a little girl, and I always knew that with my music and with my art, I wanted to inspire and uplift people. I have always been someone who does what they want without caring what others think, who speaks up when something is wrong, and who loves openly. With my music and art, I want to inspire men and women, young girls, children, mi gente in Mexico to dream big, open their hearts to the universe and to being limitless, to being open to healing, and to be a good person and love themselves. Songwriting is something I’ve been doing since the fourth grade, and I love it and have always been passionate about it.

In my songs, I am able to open up about my thoughts, my suffering, my love, my hurts, my desires, my healing, and give others who feel the same, music that comforts them. A couple of years ago, I began booking sessions at recording studios in Colorado Springs, and ever since I released my first single, Estephanyart started to become known and became my career and not only my dream. My brother Guillermo influenced a lot of my life and is a huge part of why I began pursuing my dreams. I have always felt like my brother and I are so special and different, we call ourselves indigo children. I know my soul purpose and the powerful message I want to share with the world when they hear my music and they feel my love and energy because my only message really is to do everything with love, realize you can do anything in the world, dream big, be yourself, and reach for the stars. It’s all love.

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